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~Heaven Screw~
The journal of Heaven Screw

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Oh gee...I can't believe this...!  Vacation is OVER!  Do you know what that means?  It means SCHOOL.  Just my luck.
Honestly...2 weeks vacation is just simply not enough for me!  But nonetheless, I thank God I had a break.  I still need more! Well...it is not like I am complaining or anything...it's just that...I just want to have more free time rather than study this and study that.  Don't get me wrong though; I love school, but I dunno why.  But I really do.  I love studying too and learning about new that, those, this, and these.  But it is also not like I am obsessed with them.  I just want a freakin' break...*sigh* 

Never mind that.  I need to refresh my dear mind.

So...just came to say that I made my FF.net account and I'm glad (at least I found some joy...)

Feel free to check it out (it's not like I'm demanding xD): Heaven Screw


I also found some relaxing joy by deciding to write a somehow an ideal story and post it right in FF.net...

Here it is (check it out and you'll get some cookies xD): ~It was the very least expected encounter between the deadliest nurse and the sexiest doctor... 

And I am needing a proper title...gee...help me? Guess what this dear story is about? Hah. What else? The most adorable, cute, sexy, lovable, and...and...did I mention sexy xD? Yes. The ultimate couple of the world...NejiTen!!! I so~ love 'em!!!  They rock my socks!

Also...I want to thank vendetta_angel, for making  the most beautiful banners I have ever seen xD !  Thank you very much!!!  And guess what? It was for the lovable community of Neji x Tenten x Sasuke!  The Rivaled Triangle, indeed...

Sooooo...I guess that's it! Whew...that was the longest post ever...I think ;)

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Yoooohooo!!! Hello my livejournal!!! XD! I just want to post an entry.

Well, maybe I should start posting my daily life XD!

Sometime later! @_@

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Yes! Success! I made a new community, my friends!!! 

Here it is: SasuTen and NejiTenSasu

Though, if anyone of you is willing to help join and make a community pic, I'll be grateful!!!

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Hello dear friends~! It's just my first LJ! Congrats to me! No, really ^^. I've actually had an account before, but I think I lost it T_T! 

Anyways, I just dropped by to post something :grins:

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